Following Directions

It seems to be an epidemic. Following directions is a lost art apparently.

Part of following directions is paying attention. In many areas of life, you can really jack things up if you aren’t doing both of these.

Is it simply a product of laziness? Probably.

Unfortunately that is why so few artists and labels find a respectable level of success in our scene. When you “have got it all figured out” why bother with details. Just do it your way. Right?

That also lends itself to being ignorant to the real needs of people. Yeah, they need truth but they also need something to connect with. Something to relate to. Something to identify with. Something that brings “truth” to life for them.

But again, when “you’ve got it all figured out” you know what people need right? Too much talking, not enough listening… Some are too busy truly charting their own course to really stop and hear the Lord’s voice. It’s easy to convince yourself that you’re following the call when all you’re really doing is going through the motions. It’s easy to look the part and not full live it. That’s the easy standard in the eyes of man.

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2 Responses to Following Directions

  1. Good words!

    I think for me, being an artist is the very problem!
    And what I mean is most artist are not really business minded, we like to create pretty things, that’s it, sure we would like to get paid for them, but we/I lack the skill to actually do the things necessary to make that a reality.

    So I make dope albums, and then never release them.

    And spend my whole life making excuses as to why, when the truth (for me at least) is I just naturally don’t have that thing that causes people to do what is needed.

  2. admin says:

    Man, that’s why you get with people that are good with that stuff. At the very least for advice and maybe for them to help you handle it for you.

    I wish I had your talent in crafting beats. Apparently God had other plans for me to be good at “organization” and “marketing” lol 😉

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