Sending media and radio personnel an email

When sending emails to media and radio folk, myself included, please make sure you provide the necessary information needed to make a coverage/airplay decision.

Here are some actual emails I’ve received.

Submission email:
“I love your site. Please cover my music.”

I’m thinking:
“What? Who? Where do I learn more? Why do I have to track you down to find out more? At least give me enough to make a decision.”

Submission email:
“Yo son!!!!! Pleze cover my muzic fa realz! (insert 4 line unintelligible run-on sentence here).”

I’m thinking:
“Huh?” One of the reason some media and radio will not feature you is because of how you present yourself. How you talk amongst your friends is not the best way to present yourself to a person who may not know anything about you. Oh and turn on your spell check before you click send.

Another tip…
Be personal and build a relationship. These folks owe you nothing and in most cases it cost them money to provide a free service (coverage or airplay) to you. It’s also not your birth rite to be guaranteed coverage or airplay. Earn it. Take it seriously and act accordingly. I am more likely to feature music from an artist who has taken the time to get to know me and shows sincere effort to maintain that. I’ll go the extra mile for them.

Follow and respect submission rules each spot has set up. It’s usually not for trivial reasons but to make it easier for them to support you. Remember, these people owe you nothing and are providing a tremendous service with great value for you. All it costs you is a few bucks to mail a CD or two out for exposure to anywhere from thousands to 10s of millions of people. Sounds like good bang for the buck. Take it seriously.

Say thank you. Did someone add you to their radio show? Say thanks. Did a magazine or website feature your music? Say thanks. 90% of the time, I hear nothing from artists/labels after we feature their material. Let your fans know where they can read more about your music. Send links out to album reviews you’ve received. Let them know what radio shows and stations are playing your stuff. It’s smart to do on two fronts… informs your fans and also provides a small boost to the media/radio outlet.

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3 Responses to Sending media and radio personnel an email

  1. Jefferson says:

    This is excellent! Having seen the slop that comes throuh radio stations, be professional and provide information.

    Good Blog Mr. Niemyjski

  2. MC Psalmist says:

    Thanks for this….helps a lot, especially for the struggling HHH artist!

    MC Psalmist

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