Following Directions part 2

Two emails I received

Maybe it’s merely a product of the volume of email I receive… Today I found a message in my news submissions (only) inbox requesting information on a review. To find that inbox, the submitter needed to ignore what the button said and what the entire page said. In addition, the entire message was one run-on sentence. I’m no English Major but I do try to make it easy to read and comprehend my communication. Isn’t that the point of communicating anyway? Needless to say, I deleted it without response. I don’t have time right now to chase people down to do their job correctly.

A few days ago I received another email requesting airplay. No information, no punctuation, no full words (“yo” in place of “your”), no capitalization… very unprofessional. Deleted.

Here is the jewel…

This doesn’t work. If this is you, change. If you don’t know how to present yourself to media and radio people then by all means learn how from someone who does. Moreover, be teachable. I shake my head at artists that “have it all figured out” and yet continue to make major mistakes.

Would you go to a job interview with dirty disheveled looking clothing and with your hair all jacked up? I doubt it. Well, this is essentially the perception I get of people when receiving sloppy submissions. At least I am understanding of it and am willing to look past it. Most others will not. You’ll get the delete button or the trash can with the quickness.

Once you have something of a relationship with an organization, then you probably have a bit more grace for being casual.

If you’re not willing to spend the time to do stuff properly, don’t waste other peoples time. Keep in mind… these people are doing you a big service.

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2 Responses to Following Directions part 2

  1. Patrick Born says:

    I hate when you write blog posts about the emails I send you. 🙂

  2. Josh says:

    LOL, good thing to know that it wasn’t you… (this time)

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