Don’t be like this guy Part 1

The other day I received a coverage solicitation. Names have been removed.

Hello my name is [removed] and i am the Music Manger of [removed] and [removed] please review the intro. bio of both artist and also go to there page and listen to there music at [removed] [removed] can call me direct or email me [removed] cell number is [removed]

I’m no English Major myself but… this is my first impression of you! You’re a “Manger”? Spell check homey! I’m not trying to pick on folks but you’ve got to do a better job at presenting yourself. This is the stuff that people at magazines laugh about during break times. We get stuff like this all the time. It’s not only a waste of my time but yours too.

When you put yourself out there on your own or someone elses behalf, are you sloppy? Professional? Consider stuff like that before you hit “send mail” or before you seal up that mail package.

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3 Responses to Don’t be like this guy Part 1

  1. Josh says:

    Funny stuff… I received another email from a friend in the PR department for a “major” label and he wrote “manger” instead of “manager” too. Pretty hilarious. At least his emails are solid otherwise.

  2. pac0naut says:

    You think they could at least hire a PROOFREADER?

    Maybe they need Gmails new “mail goggles” feature.

  3. Survei (ko nomiks) says:

    The folks at CD Baby made a humorous and great guide to making effective emails for musicians. I bet you wish everyone would read the guide before emailing you :). I know that in the near future as a musician I’ll be wanting to contact people and I’ll definitely apply some of their concepts to emailing.

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