Here Lies the Cassette Tape

Some of you reading this maybe never owned a Walkman or anything with a tape deck. For others a cassette tape stirs up fond memories of when hip-hop seemed to be a bit more pure (with respect to artistry).

Almost 20 million cassette players sold in one single year as recently as 1994. In 2007 a paltry 48,000 sold. When was the last time you bought an album on cassette tape? Who was it? Drop a comment.

I managed to pick up the last few dozen copies of what were likely the last albums in our scene to be issued on tape. Uprok Records released their first 4 releases on the tape format:

  • Sup the Chemist “Dust”
  • MG! the Visionary “Transparemcee”
  • Ill harmonics “An Octave Above the Original”
  • Sinner’s Prayer “Hip-Hop Praise”

Just the other day I stumbled across them when cleaning out the Sphere of Hip-Hop “wherehouse”. I love the newer technology of CDs and digital (MP3 etc) but nothing takes me back like a cassette tape or even a vinyl record.

On the way home today I’m listening to my second copy (wore out the first) of Solseekers’ debut.

I’d love to read your comments.

R.I.P. cassette tapes.

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6 Responses to Here Lies the Cassette Tape

  1. MANASSEH says:

    Yea I can remember the good old days, I unfortunately got rid of all mine, but a good dj friend of mine kept all his tapes in immaculate condition and he lets me go through them from time to time and remember when.

    But honestly I do love digital music, it doesnt break, warp, or get unraveled.

    RIP tapes I will miss you.

  2. Elliott says:

    Word. One of the first Christian rap CDs I heard was hip hope 2003 (I believe) which had one Sinner’s Prayer song on it with Manchild. I looked into MC, found Mars Ill, and got hooked on Christian Rap. Maybe 6 months ago I picked up the Sinner’s Prayer tape from the Sphere store. It’s truly a gem which some super fresh takes on worship songs. My favorite tracks are “‘Tis So Sweet”, “Talk About Suffering”, and “Liteshine (Declaring War)”. Good stuff.

  3. dj paine says:

    “RIP”???!!! what are you talking about homeboy?!
    i’m still bumping “rapping bold” by mike peace on my ghetto blaster! yeah sure the tap has been chewed a few times and i’ve had to use sticky tape to fix some breaks… but that just ads to the flavour!!! yeahhh boyeee!

  4. dang… i wish i hadn’t given away my copy of Sinner’s Prayer… oh the fond memories of hip-hop praise (and cassettes)

    i still remember when you sent me a box full of Sup & Ill Harmonics cassettes for me to give away to kiddies @ church… those were the days


  5. Calvin Moss says:

    I think the last cassette I bought was Stunts. Blunts and Hip-Hop by Diamond D. No, wait it was that Showbiz and A.G. EP I think. It also could’ve been that Mad Lion banger with KRS-One- CLASSIC! (Obviously this was waaaay before I met Jesus, even though my hip-hop was part of what brought me to God.)

  6. pac0naut says:

    The scary thing is, I had ALL those releases on tape! I still have some of my tapes in a box.

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