Kendall Urhines vs. Lula Does The Hula

Absolutely crazy names.

A while ago, when we rebuilt the Sphere of Hip-Hop message forum, my brother (from another mother) Jon created our “rankings”. Stuff like “fake louis vitton” and “gold teef”… even an extra special one “Urhines Kendall Icy Eight Special K.” I thought to myself… what in the world is that all about. Then I learned.

Just a few weeks ago I saw a new article about a judge in New Zealand that ordered a name change. Apparently some parents named their child “Talula Does The Hula From Hawaii“, seriously. There is an obvious humorous element to it but after that wears off… it’s just plan strange. Poor kid.

Some highlights…

Allowed names: Violence; Number 16 Bus Shelter; Midnight Chardonnay; Benson and Hedges (twins)

Blocked names: Yeah Detroit; Stallion; Twisty Poi; Keenan Got Lucy; Sex Fruit; Fat Boy; Cinderella Beauty Blossom; Fish and Chips (twins)

Seriously? Wow.

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4 Responses to Kendall Urhines vs. Lula Does The Hula

  1. pac0naut says:


    Would Benson and Hedges have to stay outside 20 feet away from an entrance?

  2. dj paine says:

    classic…. no lemonjello and orangejello?

  3. Josh says:

    That’s right! I shouldve included those too.

  4. Code Gray says:

    hahahahahahaha i seroiously needed that laugh…

    and its good to know where that title came from….

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