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Why so tough?

“You are right, I did mess up. I am sorry” One of the hardest things to do is to admit fault. I know personally it’s difficult to not become defensive and thus make excuses. What happens next is what matters.

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Holiday Inn Express commercial

I love this ad campaign. It’s been very funny especially the hot breakfast bar one with the plate of bacon. Creating marketing that truly sticks is tough but Holiday Inn has pulled it off nicely. It got the wheels turning … Continue reading

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Gangsta Rap


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Lil RikRak – How far has hip-hop fallen?

Post your comments.

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Cookbook & Uno Mas (LA Symphony) – The Overflow album download

Sphere of Hip-Hop is proud to be hosting this album for Cook & Uno. Visit this link for more information and to download. Pick up other releases from LA Symphony and Cookbook & Uno Mas at

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Don’t be like this guy Part 2

Today I received a package with CDs inside for review. Every day is about the same, I get anywhere from 1-5 review packages. This one was “special” however because I had to PAY to receive it! What?!?! POSTAGE DUE Don’t … Continue reading

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Time Perception of 1 Minute

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I want to quit.

as much as I want to quit at times, I can’t avoid the fact that hip-hop is what I know and God wants me to use what I know to glorify Him. – JustMe This is the single thing (the … Continue reading

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Menahan Street Band – Make the Road by Walking

I get so much music in the mail it is difficult to keep track of everything. Since I’ve been exposed to so much, it’s also easy to be unimpressed by the constant stream of mediocrity filling my mailbox. When I … Continue reading

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Is the tone of politics right now turning you off? Sound off either way by posting a comment.

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