Don’t be like this guy Part 2

Today I received a package with CDs inside for review. Every day is about the same, I get anywhere from 1-5 review packages. This one was “special” however because I had to PAY to receive it! What?!?!


Don’t ever ever send anyone you want support from a package without the proper and correct postage on it. I am an understanding a forgiving guy when it comes to stuff but this one made me upset. Seriously.

Don’t be like this guy.

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5 Responses to Don’t be like this guy Part 2

  1. I’ve had that happen to me a few times when getting packages for review on my site and when I was hosting that mixtapes page. Luckily I was a nice guy and just paid the postage, but yeah it’s definitely annoying and unprofessional!


  2. Josh says:

    This one was $4.91. Not quite sure how you could be that much short on mailing a package 😉

  3. ouch… sounds like they need to learn to go to the post office & pay the postage there


  4. david says:

    Very, very, very, very unprofessional.
    When will we bring things up to where they need to be??

  5. Josh says:

    I pray I can manage to find some time to pretty much offer tutorials on how to do this stuff. No wonder more of our own aren’t getting airplay or reviews on a larger scale.

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