Lil RikRak – How far has hip-hop fallen?

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8 Responses to Lil RikRak – How far has hip-hop fallen?

  1. HRFTM says:

    Yeah definitely not my thing. It’s pretty amazing they’re able to stretch the song for four minutes. A famous sage once said,
    “I rock ice ’cause I got no light of my own.
    Diamonds are forever, I’m the king of this throne. ”

    I suppose the song serves it’s purpose though.

  2. pac0naut says:

    This is my theme song now.

  3. Josh says:

    The pictures are awfully funny aren’t they? The money stacked on the bed was my favorite.

  4. keepman says:

    wow….this is amazingly brutal

  5. I have to admit this is kind of growing on me!


  6. ayahoo says:

    do a step bow your head and grow a rep do doo da do do da uh

  7. I saw this post on the MySpace Hip Hop forum the other day:

    “Music is pissing me off, if u want to make a dollar and get fans u just need to rap about money, drugs, cars and hoes. Do people actually consider this talent. Talking about the worst things about americans, putting it over an instrumental, then striving to be like these people. What happened to the days when people wrote what they were feeling for real. Nothing wrong with rapping about money, drugs, cars or girls or any other topic. But can u please not make that the only thing u rap about just because u make what u think will sell the most copies. keep it real, or at least try to. peace out”

    And this is on a secular hip hop forum, ya know? Whoever made that post MUST have seen this YouTube video.

  8. Josh says:

    Most listeners and consumers of such music don’t care… it’s not about “art” or “quality” or anything progressive. It’s about it “sounding cool/good” to them and being something they want to dance to. Most listeners don’t even understand the lyrics much less know how generally foul they are.

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