My Desk

I have a love/hate relationship with it. It taunts me to get work done and rarely in clear of stuff. Lord willing, I’d like to make this the next step in my work “growth” in that it will be clear at the end of of each week.

Peep the mess!


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6 Responses to My Desk

  1. Jared Duba says:

    Ahh man!!! I want the new Phynite cd!!! Send me a copy. 🙂

  2. nice headphones 🙂 looks kinda like my desk… stacks of music to review & books i’m reading… it never ends


  3. Braille says:

    I know how it goes bro. I’ve had times where my desk was so bad it took me weeks to get everything cleared. Especially around tax time.

  4. I have the same Dell keyboard. It’s so great compared to my old huge Compaq keyboard. 🙁 Wish I had those CDs. Peace and God Bless!

  5. KEEYAH says:


  6. Josh says:

    WHOA! Chuck’s Brother commented on my blog. Welcome.

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