Facebook ettiquette

So I am on Facebook and get a GRIP of requests to join this or that. Because I cannot (and in some cases don’t want to) keep up with it all, I politely decline loads of invites.

Over the last few weeks I’ve been getting requests to “Become a Fan” of artists who I barely know and who certainly don’t submit junk to the website for coverage.

Weird ain’t it?

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  1. the Nomaly says:

    I agree. Facebook is weird. The only people who care if I’m a fan of this or that probably already know it and if they want to know what I like, they can ask me. The only purpose I can think of for creating a list of things I am a fan of is if I get amnesia I can go back on facebook and remember what I like.

    When you “become friends with someone” on Facebook, you can leave details about how you met each other, (again with the amnesia thing). But if I ever do get amnesia and use Facebook to help me remember, it would mess me up because for fun I’ve been putting ridiculous things in the “would like to put details on how you met?” box.

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