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NomiS – On Behalf of the Silenced (video)

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Got a question? Idea for a post?

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You’re Invited!

Yes, you are indeed invited to opt-in to my [insert vehicle of spam I will use to overwhelm all followers here] “list”. Building relationships are important. Sending everyone in your email address book (knowingly or not) an invitation to join … Continue reading

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Taking Time Off

This is something I’ve often wondered if I will ever come close to mastering. Taking time off and not feeling guilty. It’s probably because when I do, I get further behind on all of my responsibilities. Perhaps I have taken … Continue reading

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What Is Wrong With Christian Hip-Hop Radio and DJs

Before I go any further… I respect the heart and the intentions of everyone involved. Some things do need to change. I’d expect this to be an ongoing dialog. Please check back and drop your comments. I’d like to hear … Continue reading

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A Few Minutes Of Research Before You…

Something I’ve noticed quite a bit are some of the rather unsubstantiated marketing claims being made. My personal opinion is that bloated claims are meaningless marketing fluff anyway, but that aside… do some research before you say “the first of … Continue reading

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