Taking Time Off

This is something I’ve often wondered if I will ever come close to mastering.

Taking time off and not feeling guilty.

It’s probably because when I do, I get further behind on all of my responsibilities. Perhaps I have taken on too much. I’d put money on that.

The last year has been awesome for growth in this and other areas. I’ve done much better in the area of not allowing myself to be overwhelmed… until about 2 weeks ago. Everything hit me at once like a ton of bricks. All I can really do is soldier on and fight through it. It feels a bit lonely but I know I’m not alone and understand many others have it much worse than I.

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  1. i know exactly how you feel, i was/and at times am the same way. However, we have to remeber, even God took time off. He didn’t take time off because he was tired, but simply so he could enjoy the “work” that he had done/accomplished. So I pray for you, be praying for me that we come to a point of enjoying what we do as well as doing it. spread the soup

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