Baloney or bologna if you preferDo you want unity? Only if it fits into what you’re doing and meets your business goals right? Quit talking about it and please do something. People by nature are followers. But only if they have leaders. Unity? What do you want? What will make you “feel” like we’re all together? Really? Will some strategic musical collaborations “fix” things? Doing shows together? Face it… people have agendas and nothing is gonna change that unless people really want it.

Alright Josh, how you you fix it?

I’d force everyone to drop their preconceived notions about one another. I’d make sure everyone is able to properly communicate their goals in doing music (all the while being able to be honest with themselves and their true audience). Then I’d have everyone be okay with one another and find ways to serve each other.

Looking back over the past decade… any time I’ve just decided to lower my guard and give someone a chance… my “idea” of them in my head was just about all wrong. I’d love to see more of that going around.

Real unity comes without an agenda.

Sometimes I wonder if the unity some artists and message forum users proclaim that we need is really even feasible anyway. I think the unity we ought to be seeking is in the obvious and in the basics. We’ve all got so much in common already anyway. But we’d rather argue about the argument or rap about how we rap about the Gospel or… you get it. Enough of the rhetoric and hollow talk. Do something for the benefit of everyone and maybe some things will change.

Your thoughts?

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  1. “Real unity comes without an agenda.”

    Wow so true. Unity has no agenda. People usually seem to want unity about what they have in mind business wise or theologically IMO and experience.

    I did for a season seek unity when I was in Dallas I tried to bring the youth pastors and artist together through the DFW Holy Hip Hop Alliance and did a few goods shows, helped a few youth groups out, got gigs for artists, but then the “crabs in a bucket” syndrome seemed to jump at me. I wasn’t getting paid or taking money I just wanted the youth to have positive venues, to support the artist and pastors. I came from bible school and a traditional ministry experience and perspective. Yes there we’re venues that had to get paid and artist that had to get paid. I tried to make sure those things were taken care of the best I could but I never got a penny myself. I allowed artist to have the stage, made sure we had good shows, bboys, emcee battles, dope emcee’s and venues…

    Then the “personalities” started to rise people wanted to shine, they wanted money, fame… people that were following my lead now were saying things about me that weren’t true that wanted the success the Holy Spirit wrought. After a while of slander and false accusation. I went through at time of great personal trial and got worn out on the whole DFW HHH Alliance and started trying to refocus. I tried helping an artist or two who I had thought were friends to help them. Some of those didn’t go well and in the end I pulled back all together.

    I had no money to put together a compilation but I wanted to raise money for Darfur and I reached out to some artist friends and the submitted project. I had a lot going on and eventually was able to get it out. There we’re issues with peoples perception. If people knew the pain and trials I’ve been threw they’d know that itself was a miracle but that’s not here or there.

    I’m not mad at anyone. At a few point I get upset and acted out. I’ve since repented and changed but I’m not as active as I once was. I have had a desire to try and start another unity movement thats more organic and less central. I prefer to give power away I don’t like the top down style. I think the more you give to others to do that they have a passion for the more you can get done.

    I’ve been wanting to start a Central Coast Christian Hip Hop Action Network (CCCHHAN) to help the small churches, congregations and artists in the Central coast region of Cali get venues and local churches to book artist who are coming through Cali but not sure I’m ready for the heat that comes from being out there. I did get a bit salty and make some mistakes in the past. I do what I do for Christ, for souls. I’ve never made money doing what I’ve done. Maybe a small offering here or there. Its not about the money its about lives changed.

    I’ve spent more time with churches in ministry, small church plants, leading bible studies helping set right order in churches. I went to SAGU for pastoral ministries and minored in Church Planting and Revitalization. I’ve done short term missions, been a youth pastor, young adult leader, a bible study leader, an evangelism leader, a prayer group leader, etcetera for over ten years. But that means nothing. All I want is to see lives changed for the good. I know I’m flawed not sure I’m a good person to lead I’d rather inspire and encourage others.

    Like Josh said dropping preconceived notions of each other is key. Getting people to properly communicate goals is hard. People who want to feed their family which is a financial goal will say their “in it for the ministry” which is a deceptive statement which maybe be true but to feed your family you must create a viable income which can be done with faith, elbow grease and prayer. Being honest and knowing your true audience is hard to define, artist sometimes leave in a realm where there imagined audience is more their goal than their actual audience.

    “have everyone be okay with one another” wow thats a lofty goal and necessary goal.

    Honestly though some people are so dogmatically divided that even a good person whom they disagree with they won’t be okay with one another.

    How do you get a person who believes in a social gospel thats relational and a person who is dogmatically informed who believe the opposing view is and anti-thesis to their faith? There is some entrenched doctrine, dogma and ideals that keep some divided. How do you get them to no be divided? They have to recant some of their beliefs to accept each other. I believe they should but how do they.

    Josh, I love this post. I’ve heard you mention the lack of Unity. I’ve worked with a lot of people who have said they want unity and honestly the unity was to get people to rally around what they were doing whether a business like a media news site, a event or conference. There are a lot that the unity seems to focus back on them. There are others who they seem to actually present ideas and seek actual unity. I’ve seen some with good intentions and bad adviser’s.

    We need to have a unity conference with all the CHH media outlets.

    The big thing would be if we could get the artist to repent to each other for the bias and division and seek reconciliation. I think we’ve seen some but it would help us to actual have a conference that was spiritual and not just about music. Something about unity and not our “groups.” I’m just saying.

    “and find ways to serve each other.” wow if people repented to one another as I suggested and then sought to serve each other that would be amazing.

    Josh, what do you need me to do?

    It good to see you open up and admit some of your idea’s didn’t pan out, honest confession and dialogue like that is needed more by Christian artists and leaders. It should be normal not abnormal.

    Good way to lead. Props you’ve earned more respect from me. You’ve been consistent and done a lot for the community. Keep up the good work.

    Is unity feasible? Yeshua prayed for it in John 13. He wants unity. I’m sure Adonai has enough grace and would help us unite. Are we devoted enough to Messiah to unify around our faith? Or are the ideologies we hold to important for some to lay down? Are their dogma’s too strong and their love for lost souls not strong enough? Thats not a judgment just a question.

    The unity that is as you said obvious is in the basics, we love Messiah, make positive music and want to better society In His name. In essence we want people to know our Messiah and come to have faith in Him. We want people to live a better life and experience the freedom and joy we have. But when we look devisive, we look corney and our love looks fake. Unity is for the lost souls not for our image.

    Can artist unify with people who believe salvation is by faith in Yeshua but they disagree with on non-fundamental issues? People who take the Fun out of Fundamental and make you feel mental in the end. lol JUST KIDDING it was a pun on the words lol.

    Seriously though can we unify on what is essential faith in Yeshua? I’d hope so. The methods are as unique as our finger prints.

    Here are my response’s to the lead in questions.

    Do you want unity?
    Yes… I have no business goals in Christian Hip Hop.

    Honestly I’ve tried and wouldn’t know where to start now.


    What do you want?

    I want to see more events for people who are un-churched to go that are DOPE.
    I want to see more small youth groups get love from big artist.
    I want to see artist and youth pastors work together to build a community of unity.
    I want to see a CHH community that feeds kids into local congregations.
    I want to see more actual MINISTRY events with ARTISTS involved in preaching, praying and serving others.
    I would love to see more fellowship, breaking bread together and just fun on a personal level.

    What will make you “feel” like we’re all together?

    I don’t care how I feel but when the world knows us by our love they will know we are His disciples. Until then WE FAIL. That’s my personal understanding of what he meant.

    Will some strategic musical collaborations “fix” things?

    People have collaborated on music but do they accept differences of opinion? Will they respect people not looking and sounding like them.

    Doing shows together?

    Not necessarily a sign of unity. Could be good if we have repentance, prayer, preaching and healing. Or maybe being overly spiritual would be considered to be divisive by some. Maybe we need to deflate our egos. I’m just saying.

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  3. Josh says:

    Good thoughts.

    It’s hard to think that so much of a stink has been made about unity but not much is really changing overall. Conferences, summits, meetings… I’ve been to a grip of those. The only thing different is the people I’ve seen at them over the years.

    I hear “stay in your lane”. What if many aren’t respecting any “lane” that isn’t their own?

    My goal is to understand where people are coming from and treat them well even if I don’t agree with them. There is a lot of unity on the basics and essentials I believe. I wonder if there is too much, outside of those basics, to overcome to really have anything everyone would consider “unity”.

    Small steps I guess and doing what I can on a personal level to contribute to betterment of things.

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