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Politricks 2012

It’s hard to not be a bit cynical about elections this year for the usual reasons.

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Real Ultimate Power: NINJAS!

I found this a long time ago… it’s a pretty funny read. This quote will get you started: “If you don’t believe that ninjas have REAL Ultimate Power you better get a life right now or they will chop your … Continue reading

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Seasons Change

Much is changing at Sphere of Hip-Hop. This fall we’re wrapping up a full site renovation. It’ll take a month or two to get settled in to our new digs but ultimately we’re confident it will be a good transition. … Continue reading

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Chap-Hop History by Mr.B the Gentleman Rhymer

Don’t call it comeback…

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Sampling – Exploring the DNA of Modern Music

Love this info-graphic about sampling… if you appreciate this one, please share this post. (click for larger version)

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Amon Tobin ISAM tour — stunning stage setup

Must watch. The creativity present here is… wow. I’d love to see this level of creative thinking involved in our scene for stage shows. Sure, this idea is pretty over the top (budget wise too) but it might be the … Continue reading

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The Real Effects of Internet Music Piracy

Over the years I’ve spent a lot of time talking to advocates on both sides of the fence. Some that wish people couldn’t have their music without some sort of commercial “transaction” (payment, email address, a social media endorsement etc) … Continue reading

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